phone chat lines at the glory hole

Phone chat linesI love phone chat lines. I got a few numbers at the glory hole I go to its always the best to get pumped, and filled to start my day. I love a nice jizz shower. I can fuck nonstop and get candy coated in cream. It is my dream to be your cum dump. Please make me your cum towel. I will be your slut for life if you can degrade me and put me right in my place. I love fucking anyone in sight. On my hands and knees for you and all your body. That Is all I want and will forever be the bukkake bitch. I realized I am a cum whore and I will never deny it ever again. I have had jizz on me day in and day out because I can’t get enough of the glory hole. I am addicted to being that slut who needs a fresh cum bath. I will rub it in all my holes forever.

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