Phone chat lines for my hungry wallet

Phone chat linesPhone chat lines like mine are the perfect way for me to drain your wallet. In fact, i’ll just go ahead and drain your whole entire bank account while i’m at it! I deserve to be spoiled, pleased and treated like the princess that I am and you should be stopping at absolutely nothing until I am satisfied. Put your life and expenses on hold for me and hand over everything that you got! I find it hilarious that you can look but you can no way touch! This sexy ass body is not yours to play with. You’re literally nothing more to me than a fat wallet that’s submissive as fuck to my financial and materialist demands. You really are a pathetic loser, lol. So many men are just waiting to have a date with me and treat me right and you are not one of them. Instead, I treat you like the little bitch that you are! Hand over your funds and tell me how much you love calling nasty phone chat numbers like mine so that you can be degraded and humiliated like how you deserve!

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