Phone chat lines with Perverts

phone chat linesShow me your pussy sweet girl. That’s what I hear everytime I am on the phone chat lines. I like to snap pics and mail them off to the perverts. Knowing they are rubbing and jerking their cocks hard right next to their wives makes my cunt wet and ready to play with. I could careless that it might be some perv or freaky old man on the other side. I like that I am what they think of when they jerk it hard. I know how satisfying it is to hear you grunt and moan. I can’t get enough of you. I like when you call and tell me all the devious things you are thinking about. Show me you are one nasty fuck. I like that you have a p-cock and you don’t apologize for your fantasies! You tell me from the get you are a sick fuck. Cum for me you sick fuck I promise I will too, let me hear you burst!

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