Phone Chat Lines For Perverts

phone chat numbersPhone chat lines bring all the perverts to me, and I can’t get enough. Seriously, I love it. I am in a constant state of arousal and need it. I crave you. I will answer the phone with a wet cunt filled with a giant dildo. Talk dirty to me as I tell you all the things, I want you to do with me. Surprise me and tell me the naughty stuff you want. I bet you want to eat my ass before you ram your cock deep inside. Fucking me as I reach down and rub my clit to orgasm.

Your cock is raging hard again when you see me pull out my strap on. The fastening noise almost brings you to orgasm. I grab your ass and push the big head in. You clinch and shake as I make my way all the way in. I tell you to stroke it for me and you rub your cock while I annihilate your ass. It feels so fucking good as you shake from orgasm. Your hands covered with your cum and I suck and lick them clean. Now climb up on me and finish me babe. I will be waiting for you to call my phone chat numbers and tell me what happens next.

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