Phone Chat Lines for Role Plays

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are for role plays. When you call a sexy babe like me, we can be whomever you want.  I like to play doctor. Every girl played doctor when she was young. My guess is so did most boys. When boys grow up however, their idea of doctor changes. Men love it when I give them prostate exams. Did you know that a finger up your ass can massage away all the stress in your balls? I love to dip my finger into KY Jelly and wiggle it up a man’s ass. I find that little pea shaped prostate and I can drain a man dry. Normally, no man will completely drain his balls during regular sex. He needs a prostate milking to be his healthiest. Backed up cum is the number reason many men get tired or frustrated. I want to help you drain your balls. I have the rubber gloves and the KY Jelly, I just need you to bring the ass. I know you are ready for the ball draining of your life.

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