Phone Chat Lines for Shemales

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are not just for mommies and barely legal teen girls. They are for sexy shemales too. I am a sexy and dominant T-girl. I like to be upfront with you. I have a ten-inch cock and I am proud of it. I will admit though in my real life, I like the element of surprise. Last night, I picked up a guy in a bar. He bought me a drink. We talked for an hour or so before he asked me back up to his room. Honestly, I thought he knew my panty surprise. He was in the gay part of town. This hotel bar was 90% gay and transgendered. The eclectic little hotel is not a chain. It is owned by a gay couple. Maybe, he knew but acting surprised was part of his fantasy. I saw the ring on his finer. If it made him feel less gay to be surprised, I was okay with it. We were making out on the little sofa in his room. I started giving him a hand job and he wanted to give back. I got naked in front of him. His mouth hit the floor when he saw my cock. I was like you did not know. He tried to tell me to leave, but I had a hard cock and was not leaving until I got some relief. I cornered him, pushed him on the bed and fucked his ass. He stopped protesting after a few thrusts in his ass. I mean, he was hard as a rock the entire time. He was into me. He just needed convinced it was okay to want my sexy tranny cock. He came harder than he ever has. He even said so. You are fore warned. You know I have a cock. So, if you call my phone sex numbers, I know you want my big dick.

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