He Used My Phone Chat Lines To Dominate Me

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers brought him to me, but I never envisioned how dominating he would actually be. He started out the call requesting I obey his every whim. I give off the aura of a confident woman but secretly I want to be controlled, I need it. He had me call him master and respond with yes sir to his every demand. I loved it. He had me remove all of my clothing and start paddling myself with a wooden spoon and then had me pull my nipples and paddle my tits. My pussy was so wet with every command he made. I pulled out the dildos and proceeded to stick them down my throat so he could hear me gag. He called me a good slut and had me ram two inside my cunt. He wasn’t finished yet though, he wanted me to ride a dildo too. I knew better than to object so as I held those dildos in my pussy, I lowered my ass onto the third one. He listed as I fucked myself, thanking him with every stroke. He called me names like cunt and bitch and whore. I thanked him each time. Soon he allowed me to cum and I did as told. I thanked him and he told me to lick every one of those dildos clean. I loved it. I can’t wait for you to call my phone chat lines and use me too.

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