Sexy Phone Chat Lines

phone chat lines

I bet that when you went searching for phone chat lines, you didn’t think you’d find someone like me, did you? I’m a one stop phone fucking shop and that means you can get exactly what you want, whenever you want it. Fuck, I love it when I get calls from guys who tell me they saw me and knew they fucking had to get on the phone to get to me ASAP. Wouldn’t you get that excited if someone got so turned on by you that they paid money to talk to you? As soon as my phone rings, my cunt starts to get wet.

I’m kind of in the mood for some anal play phone fucking today. Have you always wanted to fuck a girl in the ass but none of your girlfriends would ever let you? Baby, you won’t have that problem with me. I love having my tight asshole fucked just as much as I love getting my pussy fucked. In fact, I can cum harder from having a dick in my ass, so what’s not to love?! Do you want to hear about the anal love I want from you? Call me so we can play!

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