Phone chat Numbers Submissive Plaything

phone chat numbers

Your cock has landed on a submissive milf. Very much a  BDSM plaything on the phone chat numbers. As a mature woman who knows how to bow down and do as she is told. A pain slut from the very beginning. Yes I was trained by my own father and bartered off to the first Dom who would take me. I knew my positions well at a barely legal age. Seventeen years later I am still owned and used by any cock made available for me to serve. I am a domesticated slave who has a family and knows how to obey well. 

I work the phone chat lines overnight and completely serve my husband and teen son in every waking moment they have. I brush their teeth and dress them and bathe them. My men only have to discipline me and worry about work and school. Me and my girls are the sexual play things, housekeepers and private owned submissive whores. Our men are kings to be served. 👑

I am a bukkake slut and sometimes a gang bang whore when called for.  My daughters are learning to be kinky slaves like mommy. Daddy, our master and owner, doesn’t mind if I tell my life here and bow and serve other men. It gets his big dick off to know that I am being mistreated here as well as in my own personal space. Now I sit with clothes pins on my nipples and one on my clit. In five minutes I am supposed to start adding clothes pins to my pussy lips. Any call I masturbate on will involve some level of pain for the rest of the night. I guess that makes me a pain slut. I get away with nothing being a BDSM whore who enjoys spanking phone sex and so much more nasty fun!

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