Phone Chat Lines for Submissive Whores

phone chat linesYou looking for phone chat lines where you can do anything? You need a subby whore for that because I am the kind of woman who cannot say no to guys. I have a master in my real life, and he makes sure I never say no to him or his friends. My father was my first master. He trained me well, even though I did not appreciate him at the time. My master is much nicer than my father was or my ex-husband. But I still cannot tell him no. I tried to tell him no once when he wanted a bunch of men to anally gang bang me. He taught me a lesson that day. He doubled the number of men to sodomize his unruly slave and he made sure he had a few of them fist my ass and cunt too to create a memory of what happens when I say no. I did not think my ass would ever be the same again after that, but it did go back to semi-normal. But here I am, ten years later, the most obedient woman in the world. I may not like what you do to me, but I cannot tell you no either. I know what happens to bad slaves.

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