Phone Chat Lines for Taboo Sex

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are not created equal because some have restrictions on what you can talk about. I think that is some bullshit because it is your money. You should be able to talk about what you want with out restrictions or limits. I am a subby druggy whore. I have some stories that would make a porn star blush. I can’t work for a company with limits. Over the weekend, my sons had a slumber party. Sort of an end of the year bash. It turned out to be a gang bang mommy celebration. I got high as fuck on some great pure cocaine and I started blowing boy dicks. I had to take a few in my mouth at a time because they were boy dicks not man dicks. You get enough boy dick inside your holes, it feels stuffed. I was high as a kite, which makes me extra kinky. I started letting boys fist my holes. They couldn’t believe what a MILF tramp I was. I was holding back too because they were little boys. The stuff I can do, might scar them for life. I bet it wouldn’t scare you though. My phone chatline is for men who like a kinky mommy.

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