Phone Chat Lines Got Me Off

Phone Chat NumbersMy phone chat lines brought him to me, but I never imagined what a wonderful time I would have that night. He was a naughty boy and decided he wanted to hear me use my vibrator on my clit and get off for him. He literally wanted to hear me orgasm. But before allowing me to do so we had a dirty roleplay, where he gradually had me turn the speed up to only turn it down again. He was having so much fun teasing me, and I could hear his cock was getting all nice and wet to as he was stroking at the same time. He told me exactly how he would put his head between my legs and suck on my clit while he fingered my wet pussy. I told him how I would slowly lick his cock before licking on that big head and pay special attention to those balls before deep throating him, taking him deep down my throat until I gagged. It was a hot roleplay that ended with me spreading my ass cheeks for him to bury his big thick cock into my sweet ass. We both got off and I loved it. I bet you could get a girl just as wet, couldn’t you? Anyways, I will be waiting for you to call my phone chat lines to help this horny gal out.

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