Phone Chat Lines Keep You Warm When Snowed In

phone chat linesPhone chat lines are a great way to stay warm when snowbound. I live in California, so  I don’t know much about being snowed in. That all changed over Christmas. I took my brood of brats skiing. We were in upstate Washington, near the Canadian border when a snowstorm hit. It was so bad that no skiing could even occur. We were snowed in. Perhaps most mothers would have freaked out about being trapped with their boys and girls, but not this mother. There was a hot tub in our cabin, along with a pool table, so plenty of things to occupy my brats. Of course nothing entertains little ones better than a sexy mommy.  They were watching movies while I was in the hot tub drinking a bottle of wine. I was getting to know the jet skis on the hot tub intimately when my youngest son came to find me.

phone chat numbersHe watched me getting off before I even knew he was there. When I did notice him, his cock was in his hands. I motioned him closer, positioned my pussy right in front of one of the jet blasts and blew his cock as I got off. I moaned so loudly, the others heard and came to see what was the matter. They were in awe seeing me blowing their baby brother. They wanted in on the family fun too. They all got in the hot tub. We could see the snow falling down around us. It was beautiful even if treacherous. My daughters started playing with my big natural breasts, my sons played with their sister’s clits and boobs and I sucked a few dicks and rubbed a few slits. It was a hot tub orgy. A hot tub family orgy. Really hot. I think I was grateful to Mother Nature for the blizzard. Fucking my little ones all weekend long was way more fun than skiing. Hotter too. Call my phone chat numbers and I can tell you more.

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