Phone chat lines Naughty Kitten

Phone chat lines“I’ve been a bad girl daddy.” I pouted, my hands behind my back as I tried to look cute and demur. “I need you to punish me.” I added, watching you. That deep chuckle you gave me always makes my pussy so wet and I clenched my hands behind my, trying not to look too eager. ‘What did you do baby girl?” I panicked for a moment, not sure what I should say… I just want you to spank my ass and fuck me wouldn’t work. “Well…” I paused letting that L linger. “I came without your permission.” I decided on. You are very adamant about how every one of my orgasms belongs to you and me cumming where you can’t enjoy it is indeed a punishable offense. But you know I can’t cum without you anymore either, so I knew you knew it was a lie and you knew I was lying… Which is also a punishable offense. Tricky kitten I am. That chuckle again ran through me like electricity. You leaned back patting your lap and said with an amused sigh “Alright kitten, come here. We’re going to spank your ass.” I couldn’t help but give a squee of excitement then quickly remembered my place and looked chastised as I laid across your legs. Your hand lifting up my skirt to reach the white cotton panties below. Fingers teasing over my soaking wet pussy making me moan. “Mmm… Very naughty kitten.” you growl at me making me shudder and then you smacked me. Your hand feeling perfect as it went across my ass making me gasp and moan. I would have cum right there but you didn’t give me permission yet. I was lost in that warm shivery pleasure that ran through me until your voice brought me back. “Kitten?” I paused. “Yes sir?” I looked over my shoulder, seeing that amused smirk. “Oh! One sir, thank you sir. May I please have another?” followed by a hard, resounding, smack!

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