Phone chat lines Naughty Mommy

Phone chat linesI love my sons cock. It is my favorite cock of all the cocks. It just tastes so good and feels so good on my tongue. I also love what he does while I’m licking and sucking that cock. Like right now he’s trying to play video games on his PS4 and he’s been yelling and getting upset. So what is a good mommy to do? Help calm him down of course. So I went into the living room and kneeled in front of my baby boy and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. “Not now mom, I’m in the middle of a match.” he tried to clip at me but I already had my lips around that cock coaxing it into hardness with my lips and tongue. He let out a shaky breath, trying hard to concentrate on the game. I started to bob on his cock, going up and down it as I took him all the way in my throat. He groaned and then I heard a “Nothing! I’m okay.” He took one hand and put in the back of my head helping me bob up and down his cock, his game all but forgotten as he used my throat and tongue. I knew he was about to cum as he groaned and pulled my head up so just the tip was in his mouth. I felt the head twitch as he filled my mouth with his yummy cum and swallowed every drop with his cock still in my mouth. He was panting and trying to recover from his cumming but I wasn’t done with him yet. I sucked on the head, my tongue pressing on the bottom of it as he cried out. His cock throbbing as I put him back in my mouth. Caressing and teasing causing that over sensation as he whimpered and groaned. I was only a minute or two before he cried out again. I’d forced another orgasm out of him, he didn’t have any cum left to shoot but by the way his cock throbbed in my throat I knew it was a good one. He gulped and I heard him say in nothing more than a whisper. “No… I’m good I swear. Just… Intense blow job.” It took him more than a few minutes to recover from that before he could play again and he was indeed a much calmer boy from that point.

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