Phone chat lines with Zita and Alex

Phone chat lines

Alex and I love to fuck. I mean its no surprise there. The taboo things we have done to each other, and to others is so naughty! I don’t think it’s even legal to list all the twisted things we have done. Last night we made this guys our bitch. He moved in to the apartment above us. He was pounding his feet as he walked around. I got tired of it. Its like he knows when Alex or I are about to cum. The pounding makes it slip away. I am tired of being twat blocked by this asshole. We went upstairs and he let us in. That was his biggest mistake. Letting to twisted sisters in his house. We ended up staying all night. Punishing him for stomping around up in his apartment. We fucked his ass hard. We made him lick our pussies. We used him as a fuck toy. Every time he was about to cum Alex or I would squeeze his balls so hard that his hard cock would go limp. We used him all night. His balls are so swollen and big. We wouldn’t let him cum at all!

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