Phone Chat Numbers Humiliating Mommy

Phone Chat NumbersMy son has such weird ideas sometimes. He told me he had a friend that looks like Santa and he wants to videotape me as I suck Santa’s cock and fuck him… Which was… Odd in my book, I couldn’t understand why my son would want to see me suck and fuck an older fat man. Then when Santa got here and he was huge, his belly covered his cock when he stood up and he smelled like sweat, B.O. and soap like he tried to wash up but couldn’t reach everywhere. So as he sat naked on our chair with his red fluffy hat and his black boots and gloves. He lifted his stomach and I could hear the flesh pull apart, sticky from his sweat and the smell overcame me. I hard to try not to gag and I looked at Max and the camera with watery eyes. The grin on my son’s face showed me that he wanted me to do this because he knew how horrible and unsexy this was for me. He was enjoying my humiliation and as the fat Santa stroked his little cock into a hard and stinky cock he grinned at me as he egged me on. “C’mon mom. Aren’t you going to suck him?” and I looked back to the cock, and I knew that he was right. I said I would and I tried not to gag as I put that stinky cock in my mouth and tasted the most bitter precum I’d ever felt.

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