Phone Chat Numbers – A Naked Autumn

Phone Chat Numbers

I think you know my phone chat numbers by now. I’ve got a little fantasy I want to run by you! I want to get fucked out in the forest with just the sounds of your hips slapping against my bare, fat ass and the leaves crinkling under us as we fuck naked in them.

Here’s how it goes! You meet me while I’m shaking my ass down at one of the local bars. The way my bbw body turns you on is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. You buy me a drink and once we start chatting you come to understand what I’m doing down here slutting it up! I tell you I’m usually letting horny boys call my phone chat numbers, but today I decided I wanted a little one on one action. I was, after all, dripping fucking wet in more than just sweat from twerking and dancing at the bar.

You follow me outside, and we walk back into the woods behind the building. All the while your hands are on my chubby ass, caressing and kissing, and giving me a good warm up. You’ll think, then you get into my panties, that I’m wet because of you but the truth is that I loved the attention I was getting inside. We get back into the woods, and you throw me down in the crisp Autumn leaves and strip me naked. The way you start eating my pussy is what I imagine when a big dick babe calls my phone chat numbers. I’m in heaven, and the only thing I hear is the crackle of the leaves as my body moves over them and the licking sounds you make on my juicy ass.

It isn’t long before I demand you inside of me. You’re happy to oblige and you slide that big cock so deep inside of me I think it might pop out of my mouth. As you roughly fuck me, the leaves scrape at my skin and my tits flop all over which only makes you harder. I want you to fuck me out in the open, under the beautiful autumn canopy. Make me your slut while I’m naked, rolling in the fallen leaves.

Phone Chat Numbers

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