Phone Chat Numbers for a P.Daddy

Phone Chat Numbers

I just picked up my little girls from school and we stop by the grocery store. My little girls are still dressed in the green and blue plaid school uniforms. We are on the produce isle and my middle daughter causes some oranges to fall to the floor. She bends over and starts picking them up. The way she bent over her romper pulls up and everyone in the store is getting a view of her young bubble butt and skimpy white cotton panties.

I happen to notice a gentleman who is nicely dressed in a suit and tie who is staring just a little harder than anyone else. As a matter of fact you have a boner from looking at my little girl’s hot young ass. Being the P. Mommy that I am, I see this as the perfect opportunity to gain a new client. I walk up to you and discreetly hand you a business card that had phone chat numbers. You being a dirty P. Daddy knew exactly what it was and thanked me. So it came as no surprise that you were calling me just a few hours later. You told me that you could not get my sweet baby girl off of your mind and wanted to know if you could come by right now.

Age play fantasy

When you arrived she was still in her green and plaid romper just like you had requested. She was sitting at the kitchen table eating a banana. But when she saw you, she went from eating that banana to sexually molesting it with her mouth. The sight of her deepthroating that banana made your cock rock hard. I told her to stop playing with her food and to come take care of you.

She walked over and unzipped your pants releasing your big swollen cock. She licked up and down it with her velvety tongue before sliding her baby soft lips all the way down to the base of your cock. She had just started to deepthroat your big hard cock when you blew your warm creamy goodness inside her mouth. She got up and went back to eating her banana. Only now it was banana and cream since she still had some of your cum on the sides of her mouth.

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