Phone chat lines are nasty with Lena and Loretta

Phone chat linesPhone chat lines with me and Loretta are so much dirty fucking fun and our millionaire knows it! We knew that our Big Daddy King was coming home from his business trip and would be able to stay with us for a few days before having to jet off to the other side of the world again to go make more millions. Loretta and I had an amazing idea that we would throw a big end of the summer surprise party for him! It would be perfect, all of his friends are in town and there’s nothing better than giving our BDK the fun that he wants. Loretta and I hired a bunch of sexy strippers for the shindig, we wanted it to be lit as fuck! All the girls that we hired were top notch sexy. We only wanted the best for our living legend Big Daddy King, as always! All of his homeboys came over to our palatial mansion to join in on the fun and we had several stripper poles brought in as well. Each slut had a pole to twerk her ass on, it was so hott! Loretta and I played with our wet cunts while we watched Big Daddy and his buddies have the time of their lives. I love how much fun they love to have, especially with the two of us there to join in on it too! Our phone chat numbers are online for anyone to call us and now the strippers wanna give us a ring too! They’re so turned on by the fact that we are BDK’s sexy little sugar princesses, they want in on the action too! We are a dirty duo and definitely not for the faint of heart, at least that’s what our Big Daddy King always tells us!Phone sex numbers

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