Phone Chat Numbers for GFE Sex

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers let you to role play any fantasy. I am a GFE woman. I love to please. I am just a little sexy switch who will be whoever you need. I am a stripper too. That is because I know my body can make men feel better. I was born to serve. I dropped out of high school. All I have is a GED, but I do not need a big brain when I have a kick ass body, right? Guys are not with me for my mind. They want to fuck me. They want me to drain their balls. I am not a GFE for just anyone though. You must have a big cock for me to service you. When I am at the strip club, I only go down on men in the VIP room who have a big dick. I am a sexy woman who deserves a big cock. Do you not agree? So, when Trevor expected me to blow his pinky dick, I was happy to give him small dick humiliation. No one with less than at least 6-inches gets to fuck me. I prefer 8, but money can make up for those 2 inches if you fall a little short. Trevor was not amused when I let out a litany of small dick jokes. I mean what did he expect? He tried to get me fired, but the owner of the club backs me every time. The joke was on Trevor because he got his ass banned from the club. Like a man with a small dick and a smaller wallet can really call the shots. No fucking way. I had Trevor crying when he left the club. Normally, I am not so bitchy, but I expect to be respected on my phone chat lines. And Trevor was the one who started with the name calling first. He learned a lesson the hard way.

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