Phone Chat Numbers for subby whores who get pissed on

Phone Chat Numbers is where this subby whore got tied up and pissed on by a new master for the year. After he spanked my bare ass hard over and over. He wanted to tie me up and get me ready for bed. “You earned your night out of the cage”. “But you must wait for me, tied up like a perfect bondage whore”. He said as he started tying me up with the rope.

If I were to move the rope starts tightening up and then ripping my skin. That is why I make sure to not move a muscle. “You have shown me you are not so worthless”, he said as he continued to tie me up. “Well at least your mouth isn’t”. He laughed hard while making some tight knots in the rope. “This will ensure that you stay in your place and don’t wonder” he laughed after he slapped my cunt.

Phone Chat Numbers

Then to my surprise my new master started to unzip his pants. My cunty got excited and i thought he would fuck me. “Bitch you deserve something to keep you warm for the night. I thought I was going to get a thick warm load of semen. But instead he started pissing all over me.

“Now you can have your masters stench all over you while you hang in warm piss for the night” he laughed as the last drop of his golden shower hit me. I felt so lucky to get his golden nectar. “Thank you master for a golden shower before bed”. That is why I love Phone chat lines, I get very dominant masters who like to mark their territory. 

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