Phone Chat Numbers lead to Big Beautiful Women like Cherrie.

Phone Chat NumbersPhone Chat numbers lead to Big Beautiful Women like Cherrie. To begin with we are all gorgeous and love to have cock. My fat thighs, big belly that will hide your cock in the rolls. Pumping into those rolls. Squirting your hot liquid on my belly, all over my face, between my ass cheeks, on my pussy, among all the other places it will fit nicely.

As a big woman I do so love to please and get super into the play especially when it is nasty and rough. Pounding into me, shoving the cock down my throat.

As long as we are having some really kinky phone sex we might as go all the way. Break out the toys. Tie me up. Tie me down. Take your pick on my belly or on my back. To the bedposts so I am sitting on the floor. Next use those toys on me. It is sure to be make me cum.

At the same time wanting to make sure that you cum harder than you ever have. Bend me over, take a paddle to my ass. Shove the handle up my ass or in my pussy. In fact you should do both. Bring your friends to play with me. Plenty of cushion to fuck all without hitting bone. Except yours of course.

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