Phone Chat Numbers for Submissive Sex

phone chat numbersPhone chat numbers for submissive sex is what you want if you are an alpha man. I am a submissive whore. Not sure when I became submissive. I have just always enjoyed servicing men. I think it began with my step-son. He resented me for marrying his father. He pulled me out of bed one night before I had my sons and force fucked my ass. Now, I could have told his daddy, but honestly, I loved it. He humiliated me with names and by pissing on me. He sodomized my ass and pulled my hair. I was his mommy whore. That night, a submissive slave was born. I love rough sex. My step-son is all grown up now, but he hates me just as much as he did when he was a teen boy. He was over last night to get some mommy whore action. He fisted my ass and pissed in my face like he did over a decade ago. I love being his fuck slave.

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