Phone Chat Numbers For Used-up Sissy Whores

Phone Chat Numbers is what I like using when I need to hear a sissy slut beg for me to let him suck my big cock. Having you on the grounded sucking my veiny throbbing cock like a used-up whore turns me on so much.

Phone Chat Numbers

I want you worshiping my cock because you know you are a sissy who loves sucking cock and getting fucked and filled up by a sexy shemale like me. When I am good and ready, I will rub my cock on your tight asshole teasing you until I have your cock leaking for me. I take my hand and stroke your tiny cock as I slide my big veiny dick in that tight man pussy of yours. I will use you like a whore or prostitute that has been paid and stretch you out and pound you hard into the ground until I fill you up with my big load. Letting my balls empty into your ass. When I’m done you will lick my cock clean and then just get dressed pay me for fucking you and giving you what you need and leave like a used-up whore. That is why I know that my sissy sluts use Phone chat lines to be able to get a taste of what they dream of.  

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