Phone Chat Numbers Harmony’s Teacher Pt. 1

Phone Chat Numbers

Your pretty phone chat numbers slut loves to play naughty! I can dress up or dress down for you daddy which would you prefer? Maybe a quick story could help you choose! I was late to class one day and had none of my clean skirts for my school uniform! I have a mini skirt in the same colors but, what if I get dress coded!? It shouldn’t matter right I mean it is my first year of college! I threw on my plaid mini skirt and went to school but, I got so many weird looks on the way. Underneath my skirt was a lacy, red pair of cheeky panties, completely see trough! The wind was rough but I just needed to get my ass seated. When I got to the classroom, the seat was so cold again my cunt through my sheer panties and I think my professor noticed! I tried to pull my skirt down to keep from my arousal getting on the seat because my professor is just too hot! He walked over and leaned over my work to see it but I think he was just trying to graze my thighs. In front of everybody, he asked me to stay after school! I knew I was getting in trouble. As everyone filed out I stayed behind and tried to explain myself but he wasn’t having it. He walked to the door and locked it. Then he walked back to me and stood over me, looking down on me before telling me to bend over his desk. I didn’t know what to do other than to listen. He told me that since I wanted to come to school dressed like a slut then he would treat me like one. I was going to be spanked by my teacher! My panties were soaked from getting so wet! Do you know what happened next?

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