Phone Chat Numbers Kelly

Phone Chat Numbers

Your phone chat numbers slut is me today baby and I have to tell you that I am so excited! I want to tell you about the last sexy and fun roleplay I had! I was his little submissive slut and he was my dominant and scary Master. I love to push and tease him and I end up paying for it later of course! He gets super hard for taking my breath away. I invited him over to finish my punishment and he backed me into a corner with a throat around my neck. He loved seeing how red my face would get and the fear in my eyes knowing how wet it made me. This only made his cock grow harder! It twitched against my thighs and he lifted me to my toes with his hand around my throat with a strong grip right before dropping me to the floor. I was coughing and trying to catch my breath when he grabbed me by my hair to drag me into the next room where I laid out all of his supplies. It was only a rope and a hard pair of metal handcuffs. He knows how I love marks on my body. He swung the rope over a beam and began to make the noose for me. It was wrapped around my throat and my please began right then as I realized what he was doing! but, those please fell to deaf ears as he raised me up enough to cut off enough air supply to watch me suffer. I hear the flick of a switch blade and my eyes grew wide in surprise he stalked up to me like a predator. “I want you to bleed for me…you’re going to cum on this knife or else you will be bleeding for me.” He demanded. I tried to speak but it came out as just gasps for air as I felt the handle of his knife at the entrance of my pussy.

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