Phone chat Numbers slave wife

phone chat numbersSubmissive whore goes on a vacation to a sex dungeon and lets the phone chat numbers Master’s know all about it. To be used like a wife slave in her very first few years of ownership all over again is something appreciated! I need that nice and rough play with strangers now and again. Covid fucked my outdoor life up. My BDSM clubs are gone and everyone retreated to worlds where they could practice in one on one situations. Slaves have be ignored and unused for way to long. It’s time to bring back the Kink with a vengeance! Unknown territory for a few younger slaves as we go in the back door and into the changing rooms. Laid out is a magnificent bounty of gear. It’s up to each of us to present ourselves in a manner that our owners, Masters and mistresses accept as slave wear!

Phone chat line Wife slave gets to play in BDSM room again

I am in all leather, skimpy leather But with a pair of cuffs, a chain dangling from my nipple rings to my clit ring, and a ball gag. I know what My Husband likes after all these years! As I come out I drop to my knees and in my mouth is paddle to show I’m well aware I will be getting bare bottom spanking at his and others hands tonight. My pussy soaks through the nylon thong and I know it won’t last long here.

At Master’s Feet He pats my head and nudges me with his foot. We are going into the gangbang orgy room from what I can tell. He is the same man after all this time not being able to play in groups. Still want me to be used up by multiple men in the most degrading of ways. Would you like to know more in a slave mommy phone chat? That cock probably needs more too!

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