Phone Chat Numbers With A Sissy Taming Machine

Phone Chat Numbers are what sissy slut maids use when they need a good lesson taught. My sissy slut didn’t clean my boots right, so I tied her up to my favorite sissy taming machine. It ties up to her sissy clitty and to the dildo I shove up her ass while a cock in her mouth. If she moves the cock shoves deeper in her man pussy and deeper in her mouth while pulling on her slutty clitty.

Phone Chat Numbers

I know she disobeys me sometimes when she needs a good fucking and punishment. Like a good mistress I will give her what she needs because I get what I need from her. It is a turn on watching her helpless on my sissy taming machine. I’ll just play with my cunt as I watch her struggle in pleasure. When she sees me, she struggles more and begs for me to let her clitty leak. If I am in the mood, I might just let her cum or make her hold it until I am ready to blast my creamy juices on her.  

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