Phone Chat Numbers with new party mate and my dealer

Phone Chat Numbers are where I go to find tricks who like to party just like me. Last night I found one that was very freaky. Once my dealer came in he asked him to stay. “If you stay I will pay you for your party favors and time” he convinced him to do. After that I did a few lines of blow, “are you ready to suck cock, don’t worry I will pay you” he said to me. Therefore I agreed, since I don’t play when it comes to money. I got on my knees in front of him and he said “not mine, that big black dick”.

Trailer trash whore

Then he put some blow right on my dealer’s big black monster cock and lifted it into my mouth. My connect shoved it deep in my throat and it started numbing me right away. Because of that i didn’t gag or choke when my dealer started fucking my throat hard. I looked over and my new party mate was busting down lines and stroking his cock. Then he got up behind me and rubbed some cock on my asshole. Just like my throat it numbed me right up.

“Come fuck her asshole and make her into our anal slut for the night” he said laughing. That is all my dealer needed to hear. He got up behind me and quickly forced his cock in my asshole. Since it was numb I was able to take him fucking me hard and fast. I didn’t care, I just did lines of blow before having to suck my party mate’s cock. All night we partied and played. When we were done he paid us both, I love my life.

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