Phone Chat Numbers with sexy therapist

Phone chat numbers with a nasty freak like me will have you exploring all your fetishes. Like my sugar daddy who need me to be his sexy therapist. One that helps him through his need of fucking his sister. First I sit in my therapist chair doing my sexy role play. “Tell me what would you want to do with your sister, better yet show me”.

Phone Chat Numbers

Is what I say as I start to undress right in front of you. Then I walk over to you, “come on bro, pick your mouth up off the floor and put it on my pussy”. That is all you have been needing to hear and you put your lips right on my cunt. “That’s is suck your sister pussy like a hungry whore” is all I moan out as I fuck your lips. “Now fuck your your sister’s pussy like have you have been wanting”.

Finally, you get what you have been wanting, and you stand up and show me how hard your sister makes your cock. As you slam your cock in my wet cunt, you ask me to beg for you to fuck me. “Please brother pound my cunt I need it”. That is all you have been wanting to hear and you lift my skirt and ram your cock in my wet coochie. I make it disappear as i fuck you and help you work through your fantasies like any good therapist would.

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