Sex Slave Working The Phone Lines

Phone Chat Lines

Sexy Slaves work phone chat lines to make their Masters happy. I am required to serve my men on my line as a form of controlling my slutty pussy. My master loves to hear new and exciting ways to punish me. And his 9-inch dick gets hard hearing me play with myself while my phone Doms tell me what they want to do to my tiny ass. Master wants you all to know that he has had to surgically fix my asshole after a gangbang that gaped my asshole so bad. He also loves me to tell the story about how he taped me to a wall in the bathroom of a gentleman’s club to be pissed, spit and came on for three hours.  He fucking loved paying two strippers to lick my body clean afterward. I am also privy to impromptu gang bangs. I have the sweetest tightest ass now and my pussy is well trained in pussy control.  Call me at these phone chat numbers so I may please my Master and be your slave on the phone.

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