Sexy Christmas Toys!

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I decided to hold a Christmas romance party, since a sexy slut I know is a consultant. I invite every one of the ho ho hos I know from work over. The theme is Christmas lingerie, and what walks through my door is a sexy slut runway of skimpy, sexyness!

One we get started playing games, I can’t help but think there’s better ways to check out these interesting looking toys than to tickle the tips of our noses. I know these hot teen whores, dirty little cum sluts, and milfs. If I do my panties and stuff a toy in, these bitches will follow suit. Fuck it. So I picked up this nice, big, bendy rotating vibrator, dropped my panties, and with one fit on my coffee table, went to town fucking myself with it.

Sure enough soon everyone in the room was fucking with something or other. A strap-on was buried to the hilt in one teen whores ass while she had a vibrator deep in her cunt. Others had nipple clamps on, moaning into clit pumps.

I had a blast trading this thick, yummy vibrator back and fourth between my tight, yummy little cunny and my tight, puckered little asshole, making my big bouncy tits jiggle all over the place! I kept slamming it in and out of my tight slit over and over until I came so hard I squirted all over myself and several other girls! Not that these sluts cared, the wetter and stickier we can get the better. Covered in pussy juices, cum, spit, or piss, we really don’t give much of a fuck at all!

We all fucked, toyed, and sucked around each other for HOURS!

This has been the best naughty holiday sex toy shopping idea yet!

What toy would you like to use on me, hmm?

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