Slavery Sex On The phone Chat Lines

phone chat lines

Slavery Sex On The phone Chat Lines! 

“Master I have been waiting patiently in the trunk of this car. I am beginning to get scared as the hours go on. I smell blood back here. The darkness and the way the ropes are cutting into me is going to make me crazy. Please let me out. I will do anything you say, I only want to please you!”


The car stopped sharply, I felt the car shut off and hear his keys and big footsteps. I should have kept my mouth shut, I was more afraid now than I had ever been in my life. But my tits were erect and my pussy was wet between my thighs. I needed his hands and cock, I knew better than to say anything. I am his slave. I have been for years and my female offspring are his slaves as well. 

The trunk opened and without a word I was slapped as hard as his 200 pounds could put into it. I tasted blood. I was in pain and I wanted more. I kicked with my bound feet losing a heel in the dirt outside the car. 

He grabbed my ankle and yanked me out onto the hard ground. My body took all the impact as he kicked me in the ribs. 

I do not wish to own a mouthy slave anymore. My daughters will stay with me, and I shall send someone to take you. …If you are still alive in three days. 

You have ran your run with me slave Robyn. I require only the teen whores to be my pets now. You will never see them, But I do know an old trashy brothel That might be inclined to take you on.  

I lay there with a pocket knife, a bottle of water and a blanket, he did love his Milf slave after all! 

You get all my dirty stories and even some of you Master role plays if you like when you call my phone chat numbers. 

Use me!

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