Slutty Teen’s Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

Call my phone chat numbers, and I’ll tell you about how I invited my sexy little teen classmate Cyndi over to help me with a project after school today. We have been close friends ever since we were small, and she and I do almost everything together. It was so hot when we got to my house.

The AC was off! It was sweltering in my bedroom! I could barely stand it, and I started to strip! I flipped the AC unit on, and watched her peel her clothes off. We had to study. We used to bathe and take steamy showers together regularly when we were young, so it was not anything we had not seen before. We were like sisters, until today. We both got comfy on my bed, but Cyndi was giving me bedroom eyes and it made my pussy jump.

“What’s up, Cyn?” I asked her innocently as a delicious smirk crept across her lips. My sexy friend gave me a look up and down. I hadn’t ever seen her look at me like she wanted to fuck me before and leaned forward to kiss me. That turned my cunt on right away. I was really into it. I slipped my tongue into her mouth, and my hand up her chest.

We were stripped down, and well, it got even hotter! Tell me what a sexy bitch I am, and maybe I’ll tell you how many times she made me cum.
Phone Chat Lines

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