Snuffed By The Doctor

Sexy role playsI was dressed in a nurse’s uniform, working for the evil doctor. As the young woman came back for her appointment, I told her I would be drawing blood and she held out her arm, absorbed in her phone and not paying attention to what I was doing. I injected something into her vein the doctor had given me. He had told me it would paralyze her, but she would know what was happening. I could tell instantly when it hit her. The fear was in her eyes. I laid her back on the exam table. I undressed her and prepared her for the doctor’s entrance. He finished the rest of his appointments and locked the office. He entered the room, undressed, and instructed me to put on a strap on he had brought in. He put her legs in the stirrups and drove his rock hard cock into her pussy. She looked on in fear for what would happen to her when he finished, but unable to speak. At his instruction, I climbed atop the woman and shoved my plastic phallus down her throat. Having no gag reflex, I slid right in. After I fucked her throat for a bit, he had me move to the spot in her pussy. He had gotten some rope and tied her in an upright position so all of her holes were available. He moved behind her and put his cock into her ass. The hole was made even tighter by her pussy being filled. He had to really push to fit, but soon we were fucking both holes with abandon. The medication began to wear off and she started attempting to fight the doctor but it was no use. I watched as he placed his big hands around her throat and began to squeeze. As he pressed inward, he continued fucking hard into her ass. As he got close to coming, he pressed harder and harder. As she struggled to get away,  I heard the her neck snap and she went limp once again. The excitement of snuffing her out finally caused his release and he flooded her ass with a huge load of cum.

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