Sometimes You Just Wanna Fuck

phone chat numbers brookeSex is great, right? I mean, who doesn’t love that feeling of being completely naked and being tangled up with some one!
But mom and dad were wrong…it isn’t necessarily better with someone you love.
Some times it’s better with someone you don’t even know!
Imagine, Sunday afternoon…your at the bar having a few beers. You are horny as hell but the wife’s at home and you know you aren’t getting any after being out all day!
You see me, bent over the pool table with that big hard stick in my hand. I see you watching so I run my fingers up and down that wood, stroking it, teasing you!
You think, “Damn! I just want to bend her right over!”
I get it. Sometimes you just wanna fuck! Good hard, no strings attached, fucking!
You just want to get your dick wet, right?
Well, babe…are you just going to sit on that stool wishing, or do you plan on doing something about it?

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