Spank me Daddy!

phone chat numbers phoebeDaddy walked in on me watching porn…not just any porn though. This was submissive whore porn, a submissive whore who loved nipple torture, and deep throating cock. I already had my body stripped naked and was rubbing my cunt hard. But Daddy was not happy…he wasn’t happy with his submissive slut. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me into his office and forced me to my knees. He told me if I wanted to be a like a prostitute slut like in these videos then why didn’t I just say so? I looked up at him with big dumb eyes and he smacked my face as he attached nipple claps with chains. Just like in the movie every time I went to suck Daddy’s dick or go further down on his cock it would pull my nipples tightly. They were stretched taught as Daddy pushed my head down and made me keep my hands behind my back. I sucked on it and gagged on it and felt my cunt drip…just feeling like the total slut and wishing for Daddy’s fingers or cock to violate my holes. But Daddy was determined to treat me just like the whore in my movie I’d been watching…

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