Sperm Gulping Lorine

phone chat numbersI’m just a sperm loving girl. Call it what you like. Jizz, joy juice, protein shake, cum, baby batter, pecker snot, dickspit, or hand cream. It’s all good for me. I need a dose of it every single day. If I can’t get it from daddy, there is always someone willing to help a girl out. Blow me a load, lover. I like it straight, a single shot spewed right down my throat by a meat missile. The deeper I pull it into my throat, the less I have to taste it, right? No way. I want to taste it, roll it on my tongue, feel it slide like a raw oyster down my gullet. I want it to ooze down my chin and suck it back in. I want to kiss you with a load in my mouth, pass it to you, and have you spit it back into my mouth. Spit it on my face and let me lick it off. Cum in a bottle for me and have me drink it like a shot of 5 hour energy. Anyway you serve that shit to me is all good for me. I’m not repulsed by it. I crave it and I need yours.  Please jerk off and feed me now, Daddy.

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