The younger the better!

grandma phone sexThe younger the better, that’s what I tell everyone when they ask me what I look for in a man. I don’t even actually want a man – I need a boy that I can turn into a man after much practice and time spent together! That’s why I decided to sign up to be a counselor at the local summer camp. I signed up for the group of guys who are just now starting to get curious about their growing boners… I know the new bikini I bought will have all their lil dicks hard in no time. It will be so fun to see them trying to hide their boners – feeling like they should be ashamed. But if I saw someone as sexy as me strutting around with my g-string bikini bottoms and too small top I’d get a boner too! Now the only thing I have to do now is pick the shyest lil boner of all… those are always the most fun to train. So innocent and fresh- I’ll make him a man before he knows it. This lil sweetie literally had his mouth wide open when he saw me strutting my stuff so I told him to see me after the activities for some one-on-one swimming lessons. He quickly agreed to meet me later, and I know he was excited for any alone time he could get with me. If only he knew what he was actually getting into! I brought him into the water, deep enough that I could reach my hands down below without anyone seeing, I left my bikini top loose so it would ‘accidentally’ come off. He acted so surprised at first when I grabbed his lil chubby, but he didn’t pull away. I exposed my tits and he became harder instantly. He started to question my actions, so I told him to shush… let granny teach you a thing or two…

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