Submissive Phone Chat Numbers

phone chat numbersIf you are looking for vanilla phone chat numbers, let me stop you right now. I am not a vanilla girl. Vanilla is for ice cream, not phone sex. I am the kind of girl you call when you have dark desires, nasty fetishes, anger issues and revenge fantasies. Let me explain that better. I do all the things that vanilla girls won’t do. I do the stuff they don’t even know exists because they are so vanilla. In my off the phone life, I am a submissive whore. I spend my non work time developing experiences that fuel my work time. I frequent underground bondage clubs, dabble in pain play, attend cosplay parties and live my life as a submissive whore. I get asked all the time if I am truly submissive. The answer is always yes. It would be hard to do the kinds of calls I do daily if I was really a dominant bitch. Last night I got to be a caller’s human toilet. I drank his piss  and ate his shit with a smile on my face. I thanked him for the pleasure of using me as his waste dump. He was so pleased with me, he invited his friends over to use me too. Once our time was over, he thanked me and asked me how I was trained to be a submissive phone sex whore. I giggled. I was not trained. I was born this way.

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