Grandma knows just what you need!

phone chat numbersI tell my sweet little angels all the time that Grandma knows just what you need but sometimes they don’t want to believe me. My grandson especially acts like I couldn’t possibly understand him, he acts like I was never young before! He’s always hiding and sneaking around but this morning I caught him and now I think that he finally gets it. He was hiding in my closet, rubbing his cock with a pair of my dirty panties when I caught him. He tried to lie and tell me that he wasn’t doing what I could clearly see he was doing, I mean come on baby, I may be old but I’m not blind! I told him that it was ok if that’s what he wanted to do but if he would just trust me for once, I could show him a a better way. He reluctantly agreed to come out of there and stand in front of me but once I put my mouth on his dick all that reluctance went away and he was fucking my mouth like an old pro! I milked his cock until he came and then swallowed every drop, I asked him if that was better than masturbating with my panties and he had to admit that I was right! I hope that means he will listen to what I tell him from now on!

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