Submissive Ripley

phone chat numbers rileyI love being a submissive slut, to feel the pressure of having to serve my master the way he deserves. Being treated like a nasty fucking whore. It gets my cunt soaking wet and my pierced nipples nice and fucking hard. I love to be tortured, to feel the ball gag stuffed in my mouth. My holes are exposed and there is nothing I can do, they can be violated to the very fullest and there is nothing I can do about it. You know I love it though, you can feel how incredibly wet my cunt is against the head of your bare cock. Push it in even as I try to wriggle away, feel how hot I am down there. You know this slut wants it, I am practically begging for it with my soaking wet pussy. Fuck me, fuck my pussy mouth and ass and own me, your submissive Ripley.[/caption]

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