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Are you a dirty boy?

phone chat numbers donnaAre you a dirty boy? Do you love the feel of hot piss spraying all over your body as much as I do? Mmm well we are going to get along just fine if you do! I love being on my knees in front of you, mouth wide open just waiting for that hot stream… gets my pussy all kinds of juicy just thinking about it! I will let you cover me in that hot piss but you have to save the last of it for me to drink… that is what really turns me on! By the time you are done pissing I am going to be begging you to fuck me, I get so turned on that I just gotta have a cock in me! I will do whatever you want if you promise to fuck me baby… no matter how nasty! I am definitely no prude!

Nasty Freak Donna


Trashy P-mommy Will Use Anything To Get Off

phone chat numbers carolineI am such a trashy whore, everything gets me horny. I cant get enough cock! I think about it day in and day out. I am a p-mommy and I want to fuck little brats 24 /7 . My pussy is always hot and wet. When it gets really bad, I will use whatever is hard and long to get myself off. If one of my toys is not around, I will use anything I think I can fit inside this pussy! If it doesn’t fit easily, sometimes I will force it while fantasizing about being fisted. Some things I have used to fuck myself with are bananas, cucumbers, and coke bottles. Once I even started fucking myself with the phone receiver while on a call! My caller got to hear how juicy and wet my cunt was real close up. I’m such a nasty fucking slut, I have no limits and will do whatever it takes to come!

P-mommy Caroline


Submissive Phone Chat Slut

phone chatnumbers cassandraI’m a submissive phone chat slut. What does that mean? It means I do anything YOU want. It is easy for me to be your phone fuck pig because I have been a submissive whore since I was a wee girl. First, I was daddy’s bitch. Then, I started frequenting BDSM clubs. Now, I am a snuff porn queen. Get’s me into trouble often. Most snuff movies are staged. Sure, I take a beating, but I go home. Last weekend, I showed up at a guy’s house. The deal was $500 cash to beat me till it looked like I was dead. My body can heal for $500. I was not the only girl there. He had a dungeon with about 10 other women hanging from beams. I was the last one apparently. I watched as the man that paid me for the day beat the living crap out of girls. It looked so real. I was beginning to regret my decision. The girl next to me peed and shit herself. He punched her in the throat so hard, an eye popped out. No way this was staged. No other woman was moving. The girl next to me was bleeding with an eye hanging out, choking on her own blood. I pissed myself in fear. I was far bigger than the other girls. When it came time to beat me, the beam broke, and I collapsed to the ground. I started running for the door. Naked, hands bound, I ran out the door screaming for help.

Submissive Whore Cassandra