Trashy P-mommy Will Use Anything To Get Off

phone chat numbers carolineI am such a trashy whore, everything gets me horny. I cant get enough cock! I think about it day in and day out. I am a p-mommy and I want to fuck little brats 24 /7 . My pussy is always hot and wet. When it gets really bad, I will use whatever is hard and long to get myself off. If one of my toys is not around, I will use anything I think I can fit inside this pussy! If it doesn’t fit easily, sometimes I will force it while fantasizing about being fisted. Some things I have used to fuck myself with are bananas, cucumbers, and coke bottles. Once I even started fucking myself with the phone receiver while on a call! My caller got to hear how juicy and wet my cunt was real close up. I’m such a nasty fucking slut, I have no limits and will do whatever it takes to come!

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