The Only Phone Chat Numbers You Will Ever Need…

phone chat numbers giant goddessLet’s face it, not all phone chat numbers are created equal. For example, you have a particular fetish, maybe even an unique one. I bet finding a sexy slut who honestly understands your desires is not as easy as just calling any phone sex chat line, is it? If you have been searching for awhile, maybe even wasted good money on garden variety phone whores; your look stops here. We have the best fetish girls around. No limits. No taboos. Take me for example, I am a fetish queen. All sorts of fetishes turn me on, but one of my favorites is giantess fantasies.

I am over 6 feet tall. As a school girl, I was teased for my giant stature. Girls aren’t suppose to be bigger and stronger than men I was told. Boys were intimidated by a buxom blonde Amazon goddess. As I grew older however, I found many a man attracted to my size and some even wishing I was taller or they were smaller. Macrophilia is real fetish, and a hot one. I bet those of you out there who are sexually aroused by the idea of shrinking for a giant woman, have discovered that not all phone sex companies are the same. That’s only because you have not called the phone sex sluts here yet!

giantess phone sex tiny menI am larger than life and you are inconsequential. Just a tiny man literally and figuratively. I can carry you around in my purse. I can squish you with my breasts. I can trample on you with my high heels. I can make you swing from the locks of my long blonde hair. I can shove you in my ass and fart you into the next county. I can eat you and shit you out. I can keep you in a cage like a pet. I can let you swim in my pussy filled with cum. I can squash you like a bug or put you on a pedestal depending on my mood. You see I can be a gentle giant or a capricious one that makes you go splat. My mood often depends on you.

I share your fetish. You fantasize about being tiny and helpless; I fantasize about being extra large and in charge. Welcome to the last phone chat number you will ever need.

Shrinking giantess fetish sex girls

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