Aren’t You Glad Not all Phone Chat Lines are Vanilla?

phone chat lines dirty mommyNot all phone chat lines offer no taboos no limits phone fucking. But we do! I love not being censored, because I am a dirty mommy. In fact, I am a downright dirty whore. Very little in my life I have not done and there is nothing I won’t talk about. That is why I make the perfect phone sex slut for this company. The things I want to talk about are too extreme for many phone sex lines. I’m not a vanilla girl. Vanilla is for ice cream not phone sex. One of my favorite taboo topics to talk about is family fun. I am an incest queen. I am the product of inbreeding, and a few of my brats are too. I play with all my family members, regardless of age.

My young daughter stayed home with me today because I felt like playing all day with her tight pink holes. I have this nice big black strap-on that stretches her cunt and ass out. I am training her fuck holes for a black cock gang bang. I love pimping her out. She brings me really good money. Guys love to pay for young flesh. She had her virginity bought for the down payment on my home. I was my parents cash cow, and now my brats are my cash cow. If I worked at some vanilla chat line, I would not be able to talk to you about all the nasty, dirty things I do with my brats. And, I certainly wouldn’t be able to let you fuck them either.

Aren’t you glad this phone sex chat line is no limits, no taboos?

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