Therapy Session Phone Chat Numbers

Phone Chat Numbers

Therapy Sessions via Phone Chat Numbers offer a great affordable way to get release and destress when you have things to share that cannot be shared with others. I’m a therapist, not your average dulldrom trying to get you to feel bad about your thoughts and needs, or you get drugged by them, arrested as they report your confessions to the authorities or feel you need rehab.

Well my dear, I am the therapy you need and in my eyes it is All Fantasy. These things that bind your mind into endless loops of the same taboo desires carry on when you get high and horny. It’s ok to call me and we can talk and play as long as you can afford, and yes, it’s so much less than a therapist and so much more rewarding. I mean come on, you can’t just jack away in a fucking office while talking to an uptight boring and very judgemental clinical therapist. I am what you need and I will take good care to instigate those desires into a hot load of cum. Don’t be shy and remember your secrets are always safe with me, I am you best kept secret for mommy phone chat topics and beyond.


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