Tiny Teen

phone chat numbers alley (1)“Are you going to be a good girl or a bad girl today?” Daddy asked me this and I looked up at him with my sweet flirty smile. “I’ve been a bad girl daddy, and I know I need to be punished.” I reply, and you can tell Daddy approves. “That’s what I thought, I knew you had already been a bad girl this week, bet you thought you were going to get away with it didn’t you?” I look up at Daddy with my wide eyes and try to act as innocent as possible…”I don’t know what you’re talking about –“Daddy interrupts me “You weren’t skipping cheerleading class earlier this week Alley?” I know better than to lie, I know I’ve been a very bad girl, a very very bad girl that needs to be punished. He sees the guilt all over my face, I can’t even look him in the eye. “Alley, you know you have to be punished now, don’t you?” Daddy tells me, I nod and agree with him. I wonder what Daddy has in mind for me… he orders me to go into my bedroom and get my entire cheerleading outfit. Tights, skirt, shirt, and shoes and of course I am wearing my white undies and bra underneath. I bring my clothes out and wait for more instructions, Daddy is not happy with me, I can tell. I hope this punishment doesn’t hurt too bad! He orders me to put my whole outfit on… slowly I do and when I am done he makes me sit on the edge of the bed. “Alright princess, what you’re going to do is shove this nice butt plug nice and deep into that sweet sweet ass of yours and then put those stockings back on and your skirt. After you do that I want you to walk around until you start to feel it move. Then I want it shoved back in and a nice pair of bloomers shorts to be put on that little ass of yours. I want that butt plug nice and deep in you princess, do you understand?” I nod and agree with Daddy, I scream and moan while stuffing this thing in, all the while telling Daddy how bad of a girl I am and how his bad girl deserves a punishment just like this, and Daddy – well there was so much cum by the time I was done stuffing this thing in my ass I knew he loved every minute of it – and I most certainly learned my lesson!

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