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My sissy would NOT stop rubbing her little clitty. She kept getting hard and running up to me “Look Goddess Felecia! Look at how big my clitty is!!” I’d dye laughing and almost piss myself! Sissy’s cock is tiny!! But she felt like is was some kind of giant monster and that got me thinking. I sat her down on her anal pole and asked her a very serious question. “Sissy have you have played with Giantess stuff??” She looked at me like I was crazy! I laid her down and told her to get her clitty hard but not to cum. If she came by the time I got back she was going to be punished! I grabbed some barbies and some paint. I came back to my sissy with a pained face!

Phone Chat Numbers

HAHAHA She was trying so hard not to cum before we got our Giantess fetish going. I told her to stop and to put her hands above her head. I sat down on her chest letting her get a good view of a real woman’s pussy. How bald and wet I was getting as I started painting her hard clitty like a monster. I grabbed my barbies and started playing with them and her monster clittey! My barbies hated the tiny little monster. It kept drooling and getting sticky stuff all over their pretty clothes! The barbies had enough! The barbies were giants compared to sissy’s tiny monster clitty! They started shoving their giant hands and feet down the top of that tiny monsters head! They thought were the oozing was coming from they could plug it up and make the monster explod! They were right! As soon as I got the entire length of the barbies arm down that tiny dick hole sissy blew her load all over me!! 

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